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Another year has gone and, as always, it's time to do this meme. This year I haven't been specially prolific, and most of my fics have been drabbles or short one shots, but well, I'm happy with what I did. I have also started to post again in English: except that my fics have been friendslocked, except for one that I posted under a pseud; now I feel ready to reveal that one was by me as well... Surprised much?

Sempre Solo Noi (Merlin)
Shameless (Muse)*
Forever Delayed (Muse)*
Repentance (Muse)*
Brillante y vivo (Doctor Who)
El amor te llevará a ninguna parte (Doctor Who)
Untitled drabble (Merlin)*
Untitled smutty PWP (Muse) (friends locked)*
Como en los viejos tiempos (Doctor Who)
Inspiration (Muse) (friends locked)*
Anacoreta (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
A New Hope (Muse) (friends locked)*

* = In English

Total Number of Completed Stories: 11 (or 10, because Como en los viejos tiempos was originally written in 2011)

Overall Thoughts: I bet no one would guess from this that I was in my last year of uni, yeah? (sarcasm mode ON) I'd have wanted to write more but I guess it was completely impossible. I'm happy with what I did so far, mostly because I ventured into new fandoms and got the ball of English smut rolling again.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted? What I predicted, clearly. This year writing was one of the furthest things on my mind.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January? Matt/Chris! Yes!! I went there!!!! It isn't finished, that's why I haven't listed it, but it's a WIP I'd have never thought I'd even start. It also surprised me that I joined a Spanish TV show fandom, El ministerio del tiempo (The Ministry of Time), for which I've started a WIP as well. And, of course, the odd Star Wars fic! Episode VII surprised me so much I needed to let it out in fic form.

My favorite story this year (of my own): Repentance, I'm very proud of the style and the plot, which is something unusual.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them? I don't think so? I think 2015 has been a very safe year fic-wise, I haven't taken any big risks, because I don't count joining new fandoms as risks.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year? Writing femslash, as it's been too long due, and finish several of my WIPs.

My best story this year: I'll choose Repentance again, because of the reasons previously exposed.

My most popular story of this year: According to AO3 hits, Sempre solo noi. Regarding comments, Repentance received lots of love! Thank you!

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: I don't think any of my stories this year have been underappreciated. I don't feel that happy with many, especially with my Doctor Who ones, so I think they all got what they deserved.

Most fun story to write: Forever Delayed, because I wrote it in English class while ignoring what my teacher was talking about xD

Most sexy story: Shameless. I'm very sorry only a few have read it ([livejournal.com profile] babymule and maybe [livejournal.com profile] blisstastic? I don't think anyone else, because I need to change some things), because it's very hot (it's solo!Matt. Wearing the red leather jacket of T2L tour... Yes *wiggles eyebrows*).

Story with the single sexiest moment: See above.

Most fun story: Sadly I believe I didn't convey all the amusement I wanted to, but Sempre solo noi had Merlin and Arthur being dorky and funny, I hope.

Story with the single funniest moment: See above.

Story with single sweetest moment: Forever Delayed, all of it.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Anacoreta. It didn't really shift my perception on Luke because I didn't have time to really get in his shoes (it's only a drabble after all), but I enjoyed seeing *Big Spoiler* on his POV.

Hardest story to write: A New Hope. It was rushed and my mind wasn't quite in the mood for writing in English that day, so I don't like the result that much.

Biggest disappointment: Anacoreta, because it wasn't as angsty as I wanted it to be.

Biggest surprise: Repentance, because I wasn't expecting to write something like that, nor the warm reception.

Most unintentionally *telling* story: One of my WIPs... So I'll pick A New Hope because of all the geeky Star Wars theme xD

"Holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" story: None, 2015 has been quite "familiar" in that sense (yes, El amor te llevará a ninguna parte contains references to dub-con mind rape and things like that, but it's the usual with Doctor/Master so it doesn't count).

Easiest story to write: Forever Delayed, everything came out so easily.

Easiest character to write: Ten in El amor te llevará a ning una parte, because it was introspective and angsty!Ten, and I'm so used to him in that context.

Hardest character to write: Both Merlin and Arthur in Sempre solo noi, because although they were in an AU, it was tricky to try to convey their personalities in a modern setting and translate some catchphrases of them to Spanish, as I have watched the whole show in English.

Favorite character to write: The Doctor, of course. He's one of my favourite characters ever and writing him is always a pleasure <3

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: I don't think I have had one, although Repentance has religious references, something that has featured in several stories of mine, fanfic and not.

Also, as I'm silly, I forgot to post here the FANTASTIC AMAZING BRILLIANT AND LOVELY fanart that [livejournal.com profile] darthtofu made of my fic Invincibile. It's something stunning and I'm so happy, thanks for drawing my request <3


Please, if you don't mind, don't forget to go to AO3 or Tumblr and tell her what you think of it :) I think artists don't receive as much credit and feedback for their works as they should and, just as for us writers, comments are cherished and very much appreciated, so don't be shy, she deserves all the love <3333
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