Today I did the last exam (Classic Iconography) of my degree. I'm one essay (Sardinian nuragic culture in the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age), one report (on the excavation I worked in last summer) and a dissertation (The barges shrines and chapels of the god Amun in Ancient Egypt) away from becoming a graduated archaeologist.

Most fascinating 4 years of my life.
I just finished the second section of my Amun essay, aka The One Who Looked Easy And Short And Has Become a 40 Pages Monster (25 written, the rest are pics and bibliography thank god) That Keeps Growing And Will Suck The Life Out Of Me. I'm so proud. This second section was historical and political context and its relation with Amun and it's... um... 12 pages. So yeah, you know. A monster right straight from the Amduat. Next (and last) section is Amun's cult and ritual and I only hope it's shorter. This thing already could be my final degree thesis (that has to be between 30 and 50 pages), so I am... speechless. And I feel very, very stupid for working this hard and long in something that isn't as important as the thesis but... Once I have started, I can't stop. Teacher really liked the way this essay was going and I'm hoping to get a 10/10. Thankfully, I'll be able to use chunks of this essay in the thesis, as it's on Amun's bark shrines and I can use the historical context and his mithology and basically everything I have talked here, but shorter.

But still, 25 pages and growing. Holy fuck. Can I consider myself an Amun expert now? At least I was able to gush about Hatshepsut for a bit because she was awesome and also her divine daughter and awwww <3

And this weekend I end this, I swear. I have to, I need to start studying for exams on Monday. This weekend this shit is done, do you hear me, Lord of the Two Lands???? DONE.

PS: I'm sorry I'm so absent from everywhere but, as you could see, I really don't have time for social networks. I will reactivate Twitter once this madness of a month is over. Hope everyone is alright xx
My plan was writing a life update but while I was writing my assignment about Amun I read this:

Slightly NSFW quote and pic )

I love Egypt. I do it with my whole soul and being and heart. I just love this culture. Beat that, people, beat that.
OMG I FINALLY CHANGED THE LAYOUT AND ALL ON MY OWN!!!!!!!! \o/ What do you think about this one? It still needs a few things to be fixed, as the gray links that don't make contrast with the background and adding some blue details because it's too black (and blue FTW, man). However, I think this layout is better for reading and certainly the comment section has improved lots, in this one you can actually see something! :D (hope it's better for you, [ profile] snowgrouse, as I know you had quite a few problems to actually seeing anything with the former -I had them too).

Done with this, let's continue the music meme:


Hace Calor (Mucho Mejor) (Los Rodríguez) - Well, this song is actually called Mucho Mejor, but everybody knows it by the name of Hace Calor, and I think 70% of the Spanish population don't know the original name! It reminds me of the summer and my childhood! <3

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk) - This reminds me of when I was 14 and the crazy year I had...

Hijo de la Luna (Stravaganzza) - This is the first 'heavy' song I listened to and I LOVE IT. It's a cover of the original song by Mecano, by I prefer this one much more. The lyrics are beautiful, the song talks about a gipsy woman who couldn't have children and asked the Moon to give her a child.

Also, guess who is attending tomorrow to a conference of a famous Spanish egyptologist :D I'm so looking forward to it!

And now, I'll study for real, I promise.


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