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Nov. 14th, 2015 03:00 pm
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I'm almost crashing because I am knackered and I wake up in less than 6 hours (yay!) but I have to post this because I watched it today at English (even if I had already seen it at the high school) and I thought I had to share it with everybody because it talks about things I have been pondering a lot these last few months and it's definetely worth a watch. It has also opened my eyes again and helped me to clarify my mind.

That's it. Take a look and I hope it makes you reflect as it did to me. Good night! <3


Mar. 11th, 2014 09:33 pm
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Sorry for spamming your flists, but I need to post this.

11 March 2004 )

Requiescat in pacem, nunca os olvidaremos.

Today I was going to post only the next entry of the music meme, but I've been having these thoughts nagging me for ages and I've decided to write about it here, because two reasons: a) people isn't as harsh as it can be on Tumblr and b) I prefer the format and the less potential number of readers.

Therefore, I am going to talk about fandom. After months of thought, I've arrived to the conclusion that fandom life both fills and sucks your life out of you. Is this good? Probably not. Do we care? Absolutely not. Should we care? It depends on the case.

Fandom thoughts. It could contain triggery stuff if you've had serious trouble with people from your fandoms )

Lately I've been thinking I need a rebirth. I hope I can do that some day ([livejournal.com profile] snowgrouse, send me the Master).

PS: I am talking in general. I repeat, IN GENERAL. If any of you feel affronted by any of this, please talk to me face to face and we'll sort our problems.

PS2: If you didn't notice, I opened my heart here. Treat carefully, I won't tolerate harsh comments.


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