Il Mondo Che Non C'è (Finley) - For me, this is one of the best tracks of Finley (also, I am not apologising for rambling about them almost all the time in this meme. I'M JUST 31 DAYS AWAY OF SEEING THEM FOR THE SECOND TIME HOLY FUCK). This video is just made of awesomeness and the song talks about escaping the world and basically being happy. Everytime I listen to it, I remember one of the happiest moments of my life: I was on the deck of the ship that was taking us (me and my high school mates) to Italy, it was a gloomy, nearly rainy, day and there was nothing to do -just waiting for arriving to Civitavecchia (Rome's port); I was listening to music while looking at the water, lost on my own world, when this song started playing... It was magical, like everything making sense at once, just me and their words... I felt completely *happy* and it was incredible, and since that moment I realised Italy for me was 'the Neverworld' (which is what the title means), the place I could run away to and just feel completed.

(I've found the song subtitled with the translation in English! :D Check it out)

Inmortal (Erreway) - Erreway was a band formed thanks to an Argentinian soap opera for teens, called Rebelde Way, that was a success on South America and Israel from 2001 to 2004, more or less. The show started in Spain at 2005 and became such a phenomenon that in 2006 the band reunited again (except for one member) and came here to give concerts. 7th December 2006, that was the date for Madrid and my first concert ever, and I'll never forget it. That show and this band songs marked most of my teenhood and I could ever thank them enough. This song was the first I fell in love with, and it will remain forever one of my favourite songs ever.

(Here you have the video from my gig. Not good quality but omg, I'm crying. So many memories! That evening was perfect!)

Invincible (Muse) - You know, just today I was listening to this to find courage and not breaking down. I don't think I need to explain what this song can do, because I'm sure most of you already know, but I had to include it. I listened to it for the first time around 2008/2009 and I never payed attention to it until this summer, when I finally read the lyrics and... wow. Just... thanks, Muse.

(Using this one instead of the AMAZING VIDEO THAT I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART because it's in Italy and because Matt sings the last lines in Italian <3)

Click for the bonus! Clue: DO WE OOOOOOOO )
Hello! Did you notice I've tried again to fix my layout and I failed miserably? The aim was changing all the comment space, as I've been told it's a nightmare to see anything there because it's so light (I've problems myself too). But I lost my patience with the CSS and just changed the colour of my background and I don't even know if I like it. What do you think?

Anyway, let's go to business:


I Gotta a Feeling (Black Eyed Peas) - Wooow I'm cheating! Let's pretend the 'I' isn't an important word, because I'm lazy to think more. I chose this song because it reminds me to the first time I went to Italy, what a night we had in the disco of the ship, heading for Rome!

Getsemaní (Camilo Sesto) - Probably most of you are familiarised with Jesus Christ Super Star, one of the most impressive musicals of all the time, in my opinion. This one is the 1975 Spanish version of Gethsemane, sang by Camilo Sesto, who was one of the most important singers during that time at the one who produced the first Spanish version of the musical. I prefer this one to the original film version because Camilo's voice just give me goosebumps and makes me want to cry instantly. I remember one time I was in the car with my parents and this song started playing: the silence fell and you could almost feel a vibrant sensation in the air; when it finished, I think we all let out our breaths, because it's just breath taking.

Gruppo Randa (Finley) - This is one of my favourite songs by Finley, mostly because it's like an anthem for them and their fans. They call themselves 'randa' and they started calling us 'randa' too after releasing this song. It talks about freedom and being yourself and listening to it live (it was the song opener!) was one of the most amazing things I've experienced.

This has been REALLY tricky, I couldn't think of more of one song... At this point, I think it's clear that, even if I listen to *everything*, the songs that more stick with me are always from only a handful of people... Well, that isn't a crime, is it? :)


Falling In Love (McFly) - If Finley are my favourite band, McFly is fighting for the second position against Muse (and Muse is winning lately). Anyway, I chose this song because it's so beautiful and live it's AMAZING. Really, you have to see McFly live because they're just so awesome and funny, their concert has been one of the best I've ever been to. I'm posting a video from the gig I went to in 2011 and it brings me a lot of memories (I GOT BARRIER FOR THE FIRST TIME and last IN MY LIFE AND I HAD BEEN LISTENING TO THEM FROM JUST 1 MONTH AND OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH). But here you have the regular song video.

Fragile (Paolo Meneguzzi) - Here we have Paolo again. As you know, he's my favourite singer and this song is from his last album. I have to say this album is incredible, whereas the former album (from 2010) wasn't really good at all. With this album he seems he has returned to his usual music and that's fantastic. I don't really know what the song it's about, but some of the lines are just so true and it's wonderful.

Fumo e Cenere (Finley) - This is my favourite Finley' song of all the time. It's so touching, so beautiful, it has made me cry more times that I can count and having the chance to listen to it live has been one of the most incredible moments of my whole life. Just listen to it (here you have the English version, but the Italian is better).


I have decided to do a new meme (nicked from [livejournal.com profile] darthtofu), as a sort of celebration that I finally got Spotify and as an intention to try to listen to more new music.

This meme consists in sharing 3 songs for each letter of the alphabet. I'm picking the songs that, even if I don't listen to them often, mean something important to me. I hope I can help someone to discover new music, even if I'll warn in advance I am always listening to the same stuff!


Ad Occhi Chiusi (Finley) - This is the first song that came to my mind, probably because I love the lyrics (they recorded an English version called My Blinded Eyes, but the lyrics aren't the same as in Italian, and the meaning of the song changes a bit; I can't find it on YouTube, but it deserves a listening, so try Spotify or something!). Also, this had a great impact in me when I listened to it live in 2012: it's a song from 2007 and, honestly, I didn't think they were going to play it, but they did and it was glorious. I recomend as well the accoustic version, that I even liked more than the original one... until I listened to it live. I can't wait to repeat the experience this April!

Aerials (System Of A Down) - This can be considered the song that changed my views in music because, even if when I was little I tended to listen to lots of cool things my parents listened to, when I was in that difficult step between puberty and teenagehood I started listening to things that just... no. The song that really got me into listening to more 'hard' music and, therefore, widened my tastes was Amour Amour by Rammstein, by I always preferred this one as my 'epiphany', SOAD are fantastic!

Aïcha (Cheb Khaled) - A very special song that, as you can see, influenced me on my choice of username. I really love it and it means a lot.

I hope all of you are well! <3

Yes, this means...

The 12th of April I'm going to meet my favourite band, Finley. I'm going to be able to tell them how much they have helped me just with their music and thank them because they're one of the most important things of my life. Also, I'm going to see them playing songs in accoustic (something they don't do often but they're so damn good at it) and I'm going to a concert of them for the second time of my life. And, as it wasn't good enough, I'm going to spend a whole day in company of some of my Italian friends, being able to speak the most amazing language in the world.

Who cares I'm going to spend a stupid and huge amount of money? With them, every cent is worth it.

Ho fatto una promessa tempo fa...

On other news, today I began the new term and, even if I need to refresh my Maths for Topography (and it will be difficult because I haven't studied Maths for years), I also have Archaeology of Egypt and the teacher is so awesome! I'm so looking forward to learn about the country that made me choice this profession in the first place! :D These next months look so good :)
Finally, finally exams have ended! I'm so happy right now because these two weeks have been stressing as hell. My life has been waking up, studying, breafast, more studying, going to bed; it has been so stressful even if, for the first time in so long, I've been keeping good schedules and I have been able to study all the subjects with time for revising before the exam.

About how exams have gone )

Even if I say I'm free, that's not totally true because I still have to do my Doctor Who presentation for English next Thursday (rambling about my favourite show in front of 30 people? Cool! If it wasn't because my pronuntiation it's horrible :D) and, most important, a Greek assignment that I have to give next Friday and I didn't start. But still, it's better than studying, isn't it?

Next week we start the new term and subjects get even more technical (and we have... MATHS *funeral music in the background*) but... I'M GOING TO HAVE ARCHAEOLOGY OF EGYPT!!!! AT FUCKING LEAST!!!! \o/ I'm so going to get a good mark in this, as my name is Irene! o/

About concert plan(e)s )

Anyway, I should continue writing the Doctor Who presentation. Should I talk about the Doctor's boyfriend or just saying that he's his best enemy? ;)


Btw, I want to do the writer's meme, as I saw it in lots of journals when I was away. So I'll give it a try now that I'm back, ask away if you want :)

Put a number in the comments and I’ll answer accordingly. The mission for those of us who answer the questions, should we accept it, is to stay positive about our writing and ourselves, but to also be fair about our shortcomings.

1. Of the fic you’ve written, of which are you most proud?
2. Favorite tense
3. Favorite POV
4. What are some themes you love writing about?
5. What inspires you to write?
6. Thoughts on critique
7. Create a character on the spot... NOW!
8. Is there a character you love writing for the most? The least? Why?
9. A passage from a WIP
10. What are your strengths in writing?
11. What are your weaknesses in writing?
12. Anything else that you want to know... (otherwise known as Fill in the Blank)

Have a good weekend, everyone!

PS: There might be an update of something #soon... Isn't it, [livejournal.com profile] zetastation? ;)
PS2: I have to change lots of things of this layout that I don't know and I hate CSS and *sobs* Well, I'll do it after finishing the homework, someday... Until that, apologies because I've been told the comments area is so light (and it is).
07:30 am, the alarm is ringing
After nights of cocaine and havana club
I wake up inside a nightmare
It seems almost madness
This life isn't mine
Is like a punch in the stomach
Look at the sky for a moment
And you'll see it'll change

If you want everything is possible
Nothing is unachievable

Without limits
If you want you could live
An unrealisable dream
Without limits

I jump into the car and I run away
In a film, in a photograph
Towards the world of the fairy tales
But a strange melody
Shakes the reality
Now everything is another music
Look at the sky for a moment
And you'll see it'll change

If you want everything is possible
Nothing is unachievable
Without limits
If you want you could live
An unrealisable dream
Without limits

Tutto è possibile - Finley (live @ Circolo Degli Artisti, Rome, 09/11/12)
(Crap quality, I know. But I was there so this video means so much. Here the official video)

I just felt like posting this here. I know you don't know Finley, but they're my life, and this is my journal so... they have to be here. And nowadays, already beginning to feel stressed about the university stuff, I need this song to cheer me up. Thanks to this song I have achieved a lot of stuff in my life, and it has helped me to cope with a lot of shit. When I was there, the past november, I remember I started crying because they showed me you really, really, can do whatever you want if you believe enough on it and fight for achieving it. And being there, seeing them on stage for the first time in 5 years, proved me everything is possible.

(Also, the translation of the lyrics is mine)

(Note to self: stop translating lyrics that are already translated and go and translate your fucking fic)


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